Billy Cook Saddles: For Top of the Line Quality

Billy Cook saddlesBilly Cook saddles have been made in Oklahoma by the designer for decades. The quality and precision that goes into the products is well known in riding and ranching circles, regardless of which activities a rider does. There are many different styles for various purposes, such as roping, reining, cutting cattle or for the show ring.

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Billy Cook Saddles

Billy Cook saddles offer many selections of color, style and configuration, for every kind of western rider. Products are available in a variety of leather colors, including black. The best feature of Billy Cook saddles is the ability to find the right model for specific activities.

Roping seats are usually fuller, with a deeper seat than other types. There is typically less focus on decorative elements or trim, such as rolled silver. These are Billy Cook saddles that provide comfort and durability, while allowing one to get the job done.

There are Billy Cook saddles designed for specific horse breeds. Quarter horses are generally wider across the barrel and withers. Arabians and half Arabs are typically a bit narrower. Having the right width is important for the comfort of the rider and the horse, when choosing Billy Cook saddles.

Show ring models of Billy Cook saddles usually have plenty of silver in many places. They are very decorative and tend to cost a bit more. However, such items tend to maintain their looks, as they are not used for rugged riding on the range or in places where a lot of dust is kicked up.

Though they may cost more than other brands, Billy Cook saddles are made with quality materials and offer comfort for any type of riding. The products made for trail riding are usually found with a padded seat, similar to those used for show. They may also feature embosses stirrups and may come with additional means for tying up gear or supplies.

The purchase of Billy Cook saddles is an investment. It should take into account the uses and function of the rider over a period of time. There are youth models available for children and seat sizes to accommodate most adult riders.

It is important to care for fine leather items properly. Always make sure you clean and oil periodically, if not after every use. You will also want to make sure that no cracks or tears have developed. Used Billy Cook saddles are also offered by many individuals and tack shops, for those who want quality on a limited budget.

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